Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/10 - SPX AM Update [9:05 AM PST Update]

[9:05 AM PST Update]

Yet one more count to consider. It's looking pretty solid right now.

[7:25 AM PST Update]

Looking pretty good for that wave v Ending Diagonal that I was looking for. I'd like to see 1095.97 break to confirm it is an ED vs a Leading Diagonal for wave v.

If this is a LD for wave v the Fib projections for wave v on the chart below may come into play. Those targets are from 1106-1111.

Here's the latest count. It appears we have a pretty good case for the wave iv triangle. It just needed a little more time to complete. So far it appears wave v is in the works, however the waves are overlapping.

Will be looking for a possible ending diagonal formation for v. Check back later.


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