Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/10 - SPX EOD

Here is an update of my preferred count. Alternates are in gray.

Notice the alternation starting to develop between [i] and [iv]?

SPX mini looks like it is still on track to form that triangle. It appears subwave (d) of [iv] needs one final little wave c up to complete (d).

 Alternate Option

Nothing new today. As I stressed the past week or so, as we continue to see this sideways action, the case for a triangle is building.

I'm showing that we are either wrapping up subwave (d) or still working on [B] of (d) or it's possible a smaller triangle is forming for [B] of (d).

One other option that I will be exploring is whether this is a triangle for minute [iv] or just for minute [iii]

Earlier I posted a chart that highlights my alternate count. See here for this count. This count is starting to appeal to me more as well. Until then, the main chart above is still my preferred until proven otherwise.

The last alternate option that I'd like to follow up on is the ED count that I have on the second chart above. It is possible that the ED is coming to an end but the question remains: 1) Is it only minute [iii]? 2) An end to [y] of C of (Z)?  or 3) the end of A of (Z).


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