Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4/10 - SPX Update [8:00 AM PST- FIVE FIB CONFLUENCES]

I found a fifth fib relationship at 1127. It is the gold fib markers. This represents waves o (1086.02) thru iii. Wave v = 1.618 o-iii.

This is the other count I had going. There is a nice Fib confluence going here (four) that may indicate a turn is near.

A big fib relationship i don't see mentioned very often is that of wave 5 to waves 1-3.

EWP actually designates it as wave 0-3. 0 being the start of the wave. Wave 5 typically is .618 of waves 0-3 (ie again start of the impulse thru the end of wave 3). The green Fib markers on the chart represent the impulse from the beginning through the end of wave iii.

So either of my two counts show a significant Fib relationship at 1127-1129. Let's see if it serves as a turning point.

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  1. Well said about the 0-3 Fibb ratio. I use that on impulses, but never hear anyone mention it (except you). Nice job.