Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/6/10 - SPX - Additional Counts

This is count I had been updating throughout the week. I think this still may work as a good possibility.

Once again, the minuette (b) wave is a little problematic as far as guidelines (it is approx 1.8 x (a) vs a typical ratio of 1.38)go but it is not a rule breaker so it still cannot be ruled out.

Minuette (c) is approximately 2.618 (a), which is an acceptable Fib relationship to (a). The 90% retracement from the 1150 top through 1044 bottom is also in play there as well.

Just putting this one out there again. It explains the 5 wave impulse off 1044.50, assuming that is a correct wave to count the structure up.


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