Monday, November 15, 2010

11/15/10 - 11:30 AM Update

11:30 AM Update
3 Min - Bull

3 Min - Bear

1:27 AM Update
30 Min

All options as stated below at 9:13 still in play

11:13AM Update
3 Min - Bear Option

11:09 AM Update
3 Min - Bull Option

Another wave 4 triangle?

9:39 AM Update

3 Min - Bullish Option

Target for wave 4 black.

9:13 AM Update
30 Min

Here's an update of the 30 min interval with the alternate options labeled.

1. Either minute [b] is done
2. Or minuette (a) of minute [b] is done
3. Or subminuette i of minuette (iii) is done
9:10 AM Update

3 Min- Bearish Option

Ok. This three wave corrective looks complete. But does it represent a larger wave A with pullback for B and then one more push higher in a wave C??

9:01 AM Update

3 Min - Bullish Option
8:53 AM Update3 Min - Bearish Option

The w-x-y option. This could still be one part of a larger B wave up correction. But it is very close to that upper channel on the descending trendline though. We'll see if it breaks.

8:28 AM Update
3 Min

8:24 AM Update
3 Min

7:10 AM Update

30 Min

It's a battle at the lower channel. The market briefly broke out of the base channel but has since retraced back in.

In order to continue their momentum, the bears need to keep price below the channel.

The bulls need to reclaim the channel and breakout above the descending channel.


Struggling at resistance. Hourly MACD clearly in a downtrend.

So far /ES is respecting the channel.
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