Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/16/10 8:26 AM Update

8:26 AM Update

5 Min

So far that chart posted at 7:02 is playing out. I will say minuette (iv) is complete here but the caveat is the alternate labels above.

8:03 AM Update

7:02 AM Update

5 Min

Pre Market


Just some simple channels to follow.

5 Min

Here's an update to the 5 min chart I posted yesterday to reflect the internal count of the 30 min chart below.

5 Min - LD Option

Here's an update to the 5 min LD option. I placed Fib retracements and projections for a bounce. A loose confluence may be seen at approx 1244.


I just updated the labels to reflect the 5 min count.


A possible double zigzag bounce?
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