Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/10 - Update to the EOD Update

It just came to my attention that my EOD update yesterday did not include the entire market data up to Friday's close.

There must have been some type of glitch in downloading the data to strategy desk so I was working with incomplete market data. I log in tonight and low and behold the rest showed.

So this changes things slightly from yesterday's update. I'm not going into too much detail but will just show the updated alternate count and 5 min chart.


With the additional data, this alternate count may have moved up a few notches and may be on par with the preferred count.

5 Min

The 5 min chart shows some of the potentials with the additional market data. Instead of just waiting for subminuette ii to complete, we may be either looking at a nested 1-2 up or a potential ED forming (this option is still too early to tell).
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