Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/21/10 - Pre Market [EDIT - 7:33 AM]

[EDIT - 7:33 AM]

I believe this ED option may still work. Wave 5 black cannot extend beyond 1255 or it will be longer than wave 3 black.

[EDIT - 7:20 AM]

WXY Option

This option is looking good. Looking for a pivot here at 1252 or 1255. Both are good Fib Confluences.

The ED option below is most likely out. The more bullish option below is still on the table.

[EDIT - 6:06 AM]
WXY Option- Fib Confluence

Hmm. Interesting. there is a Fib confluece at 1252 and 1255.

The blue Fibs represent the extension of wave b/x red to a/w red.

The red Fibs represent the extension of wave c blue to wave a blue.

Pre Market

Futures are up this AM. I have listed three options below that I will be watching today.



WXY Option

ED Option

Bull Option
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