Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19/12 - EOD Update

Yesterday, I was expecting  wave  c sell off today. I didn't expect it to be this big though. The bears certainly came out to play and the bulls have their work cut out for them.

5 Min
The bulls need to defend the 10/12 low at 1425.53 or the bear count is in full force below per the green option on the 60 min chart.

60 Min 
If the orange count is to remain in play, the bulls need to defend 1380.39.

AAPL - 60 Min
I started tracking AAPL's head shoulders at the beginning of the month and speculated that it was leading the market. So far that has proven to be correct.

AAPL is approaching the h/s target, however, the longer term charts below suggest that wave 3/C of AAPL may very well extend to the 2.618 Fib extension.

AAPL - Daily
20/50 cross over and TL break.
AAPL - Weekly
Weekly -ve divergence and bear cross confirmed.

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