Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/21/13 - Intraday Update

12:30 PM Update

5 Min 

So far looks decent for five waves down. The only thing to consider is that (v) is a little choppy so must consider an even more bearish nested 1-2 i-ii down.

Not the alt labels for the bearish nested 1-2 i-ii down. 

8:21 AM Update

5 Min 
I converted this to a 5 min chart. so far (iv) has hit the min retrace target. It can certainly slosh around here some more and consolidate. We'll see.

Gotta run

 Intraday Update
3 Min
An impressive wave (iii). It has extended wave (i) 2.168x.

In case you are not following me on twitter, this is what I posted earlier. Looking for a wave (iv) bounce. Bears need to defend the red line.
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