Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26/13 - Intraday Update

11:23 AM Update

5 Min 

Some other Fib targets.

11:07 AM Update

1 Min
I adjusted the squiggles a little to reflect the ED I tweeted earlier today. Here is a target for the inverted H/S and 62% Fib target.

10:00 AM Update

60 Min 

The bears need to keep momentum going here. They cannot give up the 2/25 high, otherwise, the case for wave (iv) is pretty strong.

9:20 AM Update

1 min

One way to count 5 waves down off the 2/25 high.

8:00 AM Update

5 Min 

A possible descending triangle here. Thrust target at 1475, which is a legit level to target. Note the trend line below. It connects the 11/16 and 12/28/12 lows.
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