Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/3/13 - AM Update

Looks like a good ED for wave 5 of iii. Let's see if there is a wave iv or a new rally. Bears just have to defend the wave i low.

5 Min - 11:47 AM

Keep an eye on that falling wedge.

5 Mi n- 11:08 AM

Target for wave iv. 20 day SMA at 1786 now.

5 Min - 9:45 AM

60 Min - 9:45 AM

Daily - 9:45 AM

H/S target met and very clear five waves complete for wave iii. Let's see if a bounce comes and how high. This is all occurring near the 20 day SMA as well.

5 Min - 9:05 AM

Still a battle here between the bulls and da bears. Wave iv with a tiny throw-under for that potential ED.

60 Min - 7:15 AM

The H/S looks good. Either wave iii is complete or just wave 3 of iii.

5 Min - 6:45 AM

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