Friday, December 6, 2013

12/6/13 - AM Update

If you are interested, the potential descending triangle.

60 Min - Triangle Option

Purple is out, green and red still in play. I'd probably give more weight to green but as I posted a few days ago, stay nimble in this range. I'll start to look for that triangle potential descending triangle.

5 min - 11:10 AM

A stripped down version.

5 Min - 8:38 AM

From a squiggle perspective, maybe one more little push higher to complete iii unless the shorts get squeezed here and iii extends higher. An extension for iii or c to 1.618* = 1811.

5 Min - 6:44 AM

Red and green should open as the leaders. Purple will be out. Remember, bulls need to cautious that this is not a trap.

5 Mi n- 6:20 AM

ES - 6:20 AM

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