Friday, March 7, 2014

3/7/14 AM Update

[9:19 AM] A few options here. The squiggles do not quite support the bearish view too well on the 1 min but a double zigzag would work. The nested 1-2 down option is still a remote possibility but I like the double zigzag better. We'll just have to see if the bulls just correct this thing sideways if wave 2 is not complete.

9:19 AM

[6:50 AM] Sell the news? Some adjustments and the only way to count this. Some love for the bears possibly? Reversal at 1883 so just shy of 1886 but close enough.

SPX- 5 Min 6:50 AM

[Pre Market] - Sorry bears. But lets see what happens at 1886. (5) = (1) there.

ES- 5:57 AM

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