Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/14 - AM Update

[12:26 PM] -  A repeat?
12:26 PM

[11:08 AM] - Too many options. But again, if the bears cannot flush this down, this could be another option favoring the bulls.

[9:52 AM] - If the market does not collapse, another way to look at this wave structure.

9:52 AM - 5 Min 

[9:25 AM] - Possible double bottom.
9:25 AM - 1 Min 

[8:11 AM] - Using the daily, I'll be watching the lower TL of that potential falling wedge too. So keep in mind, anymore selling could be limited if this is wrapping up wave iv of the ED.

8:11 - Daily

[8:07 AM] - If the market does not collapse in a iii of 3 event here, will wait for a bounce to wave ii to short.

8:07 AM - 5 Min 

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