Friday, June 12, 2015

6/12/15 - AM Update

[12:55 PM Update] - Looks like bears have formed what may be four waves. Lets see if they finalize a fifth. Bulls are not out yet.

5 Min - 12:55 PM

[8:36 AM UPDATE] - Battle of the impulse. Five waves up from 6/9. So far three little waves down from yesterday. The bulls will confirm the corrective if they can get over the red line.

5 Min - 8:36 AM

[7:15 AM UPDATE]We'll see if I hang on to that lil short position I took the other day.  Will be watching to see if it can reamin in the yellow descending channel.

So far backtesting the trendlines I had been watching. The bounce off the 6/9 low surely looks impulsive.

60 Min - 7:15 AM

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