Wednesday, November 1, 2017

11/1/17 - EOD Update

No update other than the label change on my alternative wave (iii), which I incorrectly labeled wave iii.

Daily - SPX

Saturday, October 28, 2017

10/28/17 - SPX and BAC Update

Looks like the SPX made quick work of that wave (iv). I tweeted my updated target to 2550 on the high end and looks like it split the difference between 2550-2540.

Because that wave (iv) does not look quite proportional to me, I'm leaving room for an extended wave (iii) here as noted on the chart.

SPX - Daily
BAC continues to claw it's way higher. Maybe triangulating since 10/24 and that projects to about 28.6x, which is in line with the range (7 month Mar-Oct) break out target in the same area.

BAC - Daily
BAC - Close up