Wednesday, January 26, 2022

1/26/2022 - BTC Update

In my last post, the primary count was that wave [5] was complete. Since then, BTC pulled back from the all time high and formed five waves down I know have labeled as was (1). 

The alternate, as previously highlighted is that wave [4] is still developing.

The bullish alternates are still in play but not as likely. 

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

11/2/21 - BTC Update

 Based on BTC futures' new closing high, I tweaked the count to account for two more bullish options for BTC. 

The primary option:  

I see a legitimate five wave count complete with the recent new closing high at 67060 on 10/20/21 to wrap up wave [5]*.  

* One concern I have with the count is how to account for the wave structure for wave [4]. Initially I labeled the move as a five wave structure, which it still clearly looks like. For now, I will treat it as a w-x-y corrective.

However, I suspect this leg is not complete so the two options below will help account for a push higher past 67060.

Option 1: Wave (1) of [5] has only completed off the June 2021 low.  

Option 2: A more bullish option is that we are still only in wave [3] with wave (3) of [3] yet to come.

Shouldn't be too long from now to see the signal. Either BTC breaks out higher or retreats deeper into the 30,000 - 63000 range to continue forming wave [4].

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

9/30/21 -

Been a while.Some updates since my last post in May and April. 


Since my May update, I was looking for the completion of wave (3) blue. So that looks like that may be the case. The market consolidating up here and near the 200 day moving average (~4120) would be consistent with a wave (4) pullback. 

 This would also make for a Fib 38.2% retrace of wave (3) as well. So let's keep an eye on the wave structure between the 4545 high and the 200 day moving average. 

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Since my last BTC post I was looking for a wave (b) bounce for wave [4]. So far that has occurred and now appears that wave (c) is in progress. Wave (c) can take on any form so will just keep an eye on the range between the wave (b) high and wave (a) low for signs of further corrective consolidation to wrap up wave [4]. 

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Friday, May 21, 2021

5/21/2021 - EOD Update

Looks like wave 4 of (3) is in progress or near completiong. Pay attention to the alternate in orange. Perhaps (3) is almost near completion and waiting on it's wave 5 to come very shortly.