Friday, August 21, 2009

ES- 8/21 AM UPDATE 5:50 PST

My previous wave count for ES last night may have been a little pre-mature. This looks like a better count and a possible end for this leg near 1018.



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  2. i want to ask you.
    do you see any how we can count from 869 up to..lets say 1040-1050 as wave 1??? too crazy??

  3. Jose.

    Sorry been busy at work. I think Dan has a good count on that.

  4. The only thing I believe is Prechter. He's 50% short and so am I. EWI suggest that we are entering the final stage of this rally and it will end anytime soon. It doesn't matter 1040 or even 1060. In the end, S&P will go back down to 600 and lower level.