Sunday, August 30, 2009

ESU09- Sunday 8/30; 8PM PST

I like Dan's Ending Diagonal scenario at this point for the final push to complete P2.

Dan's post tonight was a little early since I believe he is on EST. Since Dan's post, the E-mini has pulled back a little more. However, not enough to rule out the ED just quite yet.

Minuette (ii) of Minute [v] for Minor Y was still completing. I have wave c of Minuette (ii) of Minute [v] for Minor Y in progress on this chart. So long as it does not break below the blue dotted line, the ED (contracting) scenario will remain intact.

If it breaks below, one may argue that P3 is in progress. If not what else may it be?

I propose that it may be wave C of a possible Expanded Flat for Minor B.

If [c] = [a] = 999 (Running Flat)


[c] = 1.618 x [a] = 975

How probable is this count? I'm not quite sure but this is one count I see as a possible explanation if price breaks below 1022.5 (ES) or 1016.20 (SPX) and if it is not P3.

See chart below.

And of course as I complete this post, ES is starting to slowly climb its way back. It turned at 1021.25, which is right on the money with wave c = .618 x a of Minuette (ii) of Minuete [v].

See below.

So we will have to see how it plays out through the night. So far, Dan's count is looking the best. But like I've mentioned in the past, I like to look for other counts that are outside the box.



  1. as always i do no t agree with your count, but i really value your independent point of view, that latelly has played out to be the best by far of all those you mention

  2. i guess we will see in the next couple weeks !

  3. does that move down fit your count?