Friday, September 25, 2009

SPX - 9/25

Well, not much was changed today other than a few label changes. What appeared to be a complete five wave structure yesterday was more clear today. I just moved minuettes iii, iv and v.

I am still looking at generally the same levels and structure. Next week should either bring the beginning of a new five wave impulse up to complete Minute v of P2 or the completion of subminuette wave 'c' to complete minuette (ii) of a new impulse down of P3.

Look at how close price came to the key trend lines. Next week will be very interesting.

I must also point out another alternate view is that minuette (iii) was underway today. Change my subminuette iii to minuette (i), subminuette v to subminuette i of minuette (iii) if that makes sense.


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