Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SPX - 10/13 UPDATE : Bearish Count

10/13 - 5 min

10/12 - 5 min


EDIT: 7:50PM PST: I just realized that I labeled the top of the daily chart as a Minor C. That should be labeled Intermediate (C).

I think most viewers of this blog view Dan and Kenny's blogs as well so I'm not going to put up a bullish count. I agree with their bullish counts so why create more work.

However, I still don't trust this market so I will continue to post the bearish counts with the limited time I have.

Compare today's 5 min chart with yesterday's. Subminuette v just about hit it on the nose of the fib projection at 161.8% of waves i and iii. Does this always happen and is it very useful? I'm not sure.

I just thought it was interesting to point out since I put it up on yesterday's 5 min chart.

The daily chart I posted speaks for itself. Did we top? I guess we will find out here shortly.


  1. What do you think of the U.S. DOLLAR INDEX?
    Is it about to bottom?



  2. Neo,

    i'll be honest. i haven't been keeping track (chart-wise). dan, kenny and ewi have been doing this and it has been a pain so i have not truly tried to chart it. sorry.