Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/10 - SPX EOD [10:30 PM PST Update]

[10:30 PM PST Update]

 SPX Main Overview
SPX Triangle 

The top chart is an update of the main count. The second chart is a closeup of the minute [iv] triangle. I show a potential target of 1208ish for minute [v] if the thrust estimate is correct and if minute [v] = .618[i]

The ascending black trendline connects the Dec 2008, Oct 2009 and Dec 2009 highs. Perhaps minute [iv] touches that area.

[3:10 PM PST Update]

The above chart is an update to the ED option. I must give credit to HumbleStudent from the CiL. I think this is a legitimate option.

My primary is still the triangle option below but one must certainly keep an eye on this count.

The ED Option

What's new? Still looks like the triangle for [iv] is still in progress. I show wave (d) complete with (e) in progress, of which, [A] and [B] of (e) looks to be complete.

It is possible that (c) and (d) are not complete. We'll know (c) is not complete if the lower trendline is broken but price does not breach 1152.88. The same goes for (d) if it breaches the upper trendline but does not breach 1180.68.

There is one difference between the two, if 1180.68 is breached, the triangle may still be counted ads complete. Breach below 1152.88 and the triangle option is out.

The last chart is the ED option. It is looking pretty good as well. One final wave [C] is anticipated.


  1. Thanks Grand for the post on link us and your blog

    Consider 3 / 17 was 5 and all the rest is ED, sloppy but e may finish this morning / 3-31.


  2. thanks for the comment and feedback Dave. will check it out.