Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/31/10 - SPX AM Update [11:00 AM PST Update]

[11:00 AM PST Update]
A quick update. I do not have access to my charts right now. It is possible minute [iii] completed at 1180.68 and the triangle forms from there.

[7:10 AM PST Update]


  1. Hey Grand. Nice job on the triangle theory. Looks pretty good. Easter Monday will probably see a pretty good thrust, with some kind of slow down April 7 and 8 with the long bond auctions. (Just a guess, of course)

  2. thx Blankfiend! we'll see what happens! may still be in progress, but i also have a count showing that it's done,but u theory about monday may be right. more subwaves tomorrow and then a positive reaction to the fri jobs report on monday. we'll see as always! GL!