Sunday, June 6, 2010


 20 YEAR

  5 YEAR

Here are some possible targets for the EUR/USD if the count is correct.


  1. Hey Grand, This is EZ from the Cil..I just posted a few EURUSD charts. Posted some stuff on the H&S Targets and a couple daily counts. One of the daily counts is the same as you are showing. Another possibilities is this is an extended Fifth to complete Wave(1).

    Take a look.

  2. Hi EZ. Thx for stopping by and commenting! That is cool on the similar counts. Nice blog and alternate.

  3. Grand, thoughts on gold (GLD) and (USO)? I would be interested in your thoughts. thanks, Raptos

  4. Grand I stop by everyday...Just have no comment on your SP500 count because I don't trade it : )

    Only trade currencies and since you posted a EURUSD chart thought I would comment...

    Great work as always...

  5. Raptos, thx for stopping by. i took a peak on gld once but have not done so in a while. i've been pretty busy with work lately. will take a look and see if i can come up with something. GL!