Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/29/10 EOD Update

EOD Update
EOD - 60 Min

Though I have the triangle option labeled as the alternate as mentioned last night, I believe it is structure playing out. The ending diagonal option is still possible but I think based on today's action, the odds that this is a triangle is greater.

I didn't want to further clutter the chart but the breakout potential is looking like 1175 or so for the final v. v=i=1175 and the triangle thrust target also reaches this point.

I'll post some more charts later tonight highlighting this.

12:35 PM Update

Don't forget about my triangle alternate lables. That purple trendline needs to break to rule it out.

12:10 PM Update

Everything looks so wedgie. I'm gonna give this room for a possible top of a wave 3 though.

8:05 AM Update

Here's one to think about. If we take out [2] black at 1146.14, then this count is out. If this is right, we may see a retest of 1131 again today.
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