Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16/10 - 9:05 AM Update

9:05 AM Update

And this one..

30 min

This one looks complete.

This one is something to think about.

7:53 AM Update
5 Min

6:40 AM Update
30 Min-

This may be the correct count after all. We'll see if the channel holds.

Pre Market

One hour til open and down 5 points. /ES may be forming a positive MACD divergence on the hourly.


The dollar traded down to the lower end of the channel overnight. The hourly MACD is up against trendline resistance and is rolling over. That may setup the dollar to breakdown out of it's channel.


EUR/USD hourly looks like it may be set to rally as well. Clearly a postive MACD divergence here.
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