Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/10 - EOD UPDATE #2 [EDIT 7:34 PM]


The dollar has fallen out of it's channel.


Up over 9 points, /ES has climbed to the top of one channel and heading for the top of the initial channel. This is more than likely going to confirm the [C] wave I am anticipating for tomorrow.

We'll have to see how high [C] extends [A].

[EDIT 7:34 PM]

Futures is confirming that we should expect a bounce for wave [C] of my options below. If /ES is going to invalidate a five wave move down starting from where I have B labeled, 1188.50 will have to be breached.

Here are the three options that are still on the table. As you will see, all three have a common theme near term.

30 Min Opt 1

I'm mixed between Opt 1 and 2 because I almost feel like their 50/50 but since I was tracking Opt1 first, I'll just list it first.

This options has minute [a] of Minor 4 in and we are building on minute [b] now.

30 Min Opt 2

Opt2 has us still working on minute [a] of Minor 4. The market is working on subminuette b of minuette (y) of minute [a].

30 Min Opt 3

This is the bearish option that has the market working on micro [C] of subminuette iv before heading lower for minuette (iii). Watch the line in the sand level for this wave iv retrace. Violate into subminuette i and this count is most likely out.
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