Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/10- EOD Update

EOD Update

Not much to add here today. I can't update charts yet but I believe we are working on a flat for subminuette b red as labeled on the chart below. I will also add that a triangle may be playing out for [B] as well though still too soon to tell. It will be evident if we just stay in a narrow range tomorrow to complete the wave.

When I get a chance to look at charts later, I will post some updates.

8:12 AM Update

7:40 AM Update
Some adjustments.

7:35 AM Update

30 Min -Option b

All three options from last night's EOD post is still in play but I think this option above here is the one to watch at the moment. Though I have b red labeled as a [w]-[x]-[y], it can also be a [a]-[b]-[c] to form a more extended wave b red sideways or higher.

The 30 min MACD may be indicating that this may happen.

We'll see..
I think option b from last night's post is playing.
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