Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19/10 EOD Update #2 - Count Options [EDIT 11/21, 1:05 PM]

[EDIT 11/21, 1:05 PM]

SPX - 1 Min

This is another way to count the move off the 11/19 low.

[EDIT 10:35 pm]

1 Min - Goes with option 1c

I think this may support Option 1c. Will take a look later to see if any other count "fits".

EOD Update #2

Ok. Here's an additional update.

First off, I had to update the degree labels. So they should before reflect the degrees.

Second, I broke down the sub options for option 1 onto their own chart. I think it was getting a little too confusing for some readers and frankly for myself.

So I hope this helps and I hope to keep track of them this way.

I'll get a squiggle count of today's rally out later this weekend. In the chatroom today I was contemplating whether there was a little extended wave three or a more complex corrective.

Option 1 [EDIT 11/20, 9:20 AM]

I added an alternate within option 1, which I believe minuette (b) of minute [b] itself may turn into a triangle. Perhaps I could have added this alternate with option 1a since that option assumes a potential flat for minuette (b), which is the same component required for the triangle.

Either way. Option 1 and 1a are my preferred counts at the moment.

Option 1a

Option 1b

Option 1c

Option 2
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