Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/10 12:09 PM Update

12:09 PM Update
Option 2

I still believe Opt 1b is in play but we cannot discount the other options out there. If a descending triangle is forming, this may be one path and count to the 1150s.
8:55 AM Update
Option 1b

Notice I added an ALT: [a] label.
6:37 AM Update
Option 1b

This is the top count at the moment. Option 1 was ruled out. Option 1a may still apply but I believe 1b is the better count for now.
Pre Market

Three waves down so far. Is it a correction or the start of a new impulse wave down? We'll know soon.


The dollar is at the top of the channel looking like it wants to break out.
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