Friday, December 10, 2010

12/10/10- 3:25 PM Update

3:25 PM Update
3 Min

Here's an update to the (iv) option count I posted earlier today. I adjusted the degrees slightly and believe there is a little more to go to complete minuette (v) of minute [i] of Minor 5.

I'll update the ED count later in a separate EOD Post

12:20 PM Update
opt (iv) count

Sorry been busy but I think this is the count.
8:36 AM Update
ED option

minuette (iv) ending at 1219.50 option
8:00 AM Update
1 Min

This count assumes minuette (iv) ended yesterday at approximately 2:07 pm. This may be subminuette waves i and ii of minuette (v)
7:20 AM Update
3 Min

Option 1b

This appears to be the most logical structure and count at the moment. /ES shows the same thing.
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