Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3/10 EOD Update- A bullish Week

I say we ended the week on a bullish note.

Option 1b

This is the primary count. I am still monitoring option 1c but will only post it if a deep sell off warrants re posting it. Just keep it in mind.

3 Min

1 Min

The 1 and 3 min charts shows how minuette (iv) played out today. I believe we saw subminuette iii of minuette (v) into the close. So I'm looking for a small pullback for subminuette iv and then a final little pop for subminuette v of minuette (v) of minute [i] for Minor 5.

Daily Bollinger Bands

Here are the bands again. I posted a target of 1232 and the upper band moved up a tick. I think that is a target.

MACD signaled a buy today as well on the daily. I wonder if Minor 3 is actually extending.

Weekly MAs

I continue to post the weekly MA chart. We closed green above it yet again for the 5 straight week in a row. That's gotta be bullish.

This is all I have for now. I
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