Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hmmm. Has The Market Topped?

I have posted this chart a few times in the past as well. I just updated this tonight while looking for similarities/fractals.

IT sure looks like it is on it's last leg of the fractal. The only problem is we don't know if it has completed or will soon.

Here's a Strategy Desk version of the top chart. It looks a little cleaner here and I was trying to playing around with some Fibonacci math to see if it may provide some clues.

The only thing I found of interest aside from the fractals themselves are the wave extensions out of the last swing low, which I have labeled wave A above. Notice that both wave Bs extended 161.8% of the Wave As?

Certainly makes you go hmmmm...

But with all top and bottom calls, we don't know for sure what this may be the top of if it is the top.

Just found this all interesting and thought I'd share like my mommy has always told me to.
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