Thursday, February 17, 2011

12:59 PM Update

12:59 PM Update

Possibly one more pop tomorrow.

9:09 AM Update

It may still be counted as a triangle too. In the end both mean the same thing.

8:34 AM Update

A little obvious now from a squiggle perspective but this counts well.

I have mentioned this a few times in the chat room now, but the repetitive nature of this pattern must be signaling the bears attempt to short every pop only to cover and create the stair-stepping effect. How long can this continue? I don't know, but that is what I'm reading here and can only play it this way until we finally see a tri breakdown.

8:18 AM UPdate

Sorry for the lack of updates this am. Been doing so in the chat room. Anyway, I posted the charts below earlier in the room showing the potential triangle pattern/repetitive pattern we have been seeing.

I most recently posted a chart showing 9 possible waves in the making signifying an extension is in play. Per EWP, sometimes it's hard to identify which wave is extending within the structure, but all that matters is that 9 waves are counted.

We'll see what happens out of this potential 8th wave that appears to be forming a triangle.

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