Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19/11 - EOD Update [4:41 AM 4/20/11 Update]

[4:41 AM 4/20/11 Update]

No Really. I think it's a wave 3.

[8:05 PM Update]

Certainly looking like a third wave now.

[4:35 PM Update]

Haven't updated ES here in a while other than in the chat room. Still looking good.

EOD Update

Still a few options out there and once again the three below are my top views, with the triangle option in the lead as long as higher lows continue to be made.

Minor 4 Triangle Option

My top option here and as you can see, I'm leaving room for wave [c] to potentially develop further. Triangles do take time to develop and waves [c] or [d] in triangles are usually complex so we must be prepared for this.

Minor 3 Top

This count has the same implications as the Minor 4 tri near term. So we'll continue to monitor this one.

Minor 3 In Progress

The most bullish of all and still valid so we must continue to monitor this alternative.

3 Min

Here's the 3 min breakdown for what I believe may be developing for wave x of [c]. However, this could be the first three wave structure up that represents wave w of a larger three wave move higher.

15 Min Impulse

And this would be a way to look at the bounce as the beginning to a possible impulse wave up. We'll see shortly.

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