Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/21/11 - EOD Update [3:18 PM Update]

[3:18 PM Update]

Just wanted to the add the daily charts to highlight the bigger picture with it's various options.

Minor 4 Triangle Option

Watching both green and blue triangle trendlines. So far blue is being respected.

Keep in mind the subwaves for the triangle are still a work in progress, i.e. it could still be in [b] or working on [c] or [d]. As long as the trendlines are respected, we'll keep going from there and while keeping in mind that at least wave [c] or [d] should be complex.

Notice I have also placed an alternative for Minor 4 being complete?

Minor 3 In Progress Option

The very bullish alternative.

And a repetitive pattern to consider.

EOD Update

Still no new high and closed underneath the trendline. Still watching this potential triangle but something about this leg up off 1294 looks very impulsive (see chart below), which may be indicating something else is going on.

This leg up from 1294 looks pretty much complete, however, the Bollinger Bands (15 min) are tight again so perhaps one more pop early next week.

I believe a tiny little pullback will come in the form of either a wave x of [d] or all of [e].

This is the impulse count option. Will be watching 1332 and 1320 next week on any pullback.

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