Thursday, April 7, 2011


12:05 PM UPdate

This may be the count folks.

11:38 AM UPdate

11:35 AM Update

11:11 AM Update

If you still believe in the wxy corrective move.

11:02 AM Update

A possible new channel up forming. Let's see if it's a base channel followed by an acceleration channel.

10:34 Update


Watch that potential rising wedge as well that may signal a b wave.

9:34 AM Update

Watch the alternate labels. With the 30 min hammer confirmation, there's a good chance a higher over move may be in store.

9:20 AM Update

An update on that flat. 30 min hammer has formed as well at the bottom.

9:10 AM Update

A possible RUT Flat
8:52 AM Update

This would be the case for a flat should 1330 hold.

8:16 AM Update

And another option. Take out the 1325.03 wave x low and a good chance this move up is over.

7:46 AM Update

That 7:33 option is out. Either wave (b) is complete or the pink alternate is in play.
7:33 AM Update

The other count to be mindful off. This drop would be considered wave b of 5 of the ED.

7:25 AM Update

The inverted head and shoulders targets 1344 if it hits.

Pre Market

Perhaps a breakout to the upside today?

ES appears to have consolidated into a descending triangle all night. It is now out and as I type this trading 1.25 pts higher.

Copper futures continues to rally and has breached the upper channel and what may be the neckline of it's inverted head and shoulders.
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