Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Thoughts [4/3/11 - 4:10 PM Update]

[4/3/11 - 4:10 PM Update]

SPX - Minute [1] of Minor 3 Option

This is an option I've posted a few times now that must be considered. Note that though I call this part of Minor 3, this could easily be considered minute [1] of C of the bearish count.

At this point does it really matter whether the bullish or bearish count is in play? Not at all, assuming this count is correct.


Trannies look like they are in the fifth wave. Notice this would also match up with the SPX count above.

Just exploring some different counts and ideas throughout the weekend starting with this chart below.

I like how a nice fib retracement of 38% takes wave 4 blue near gap support below and the 13 day EMA (1313).

I've posted this chart in the chat room a few times as well. Maybe there's one more push to complete (x)and once complete perhaps it falls back in the range but above the trendlines?
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