Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/19/11 - Pre Market [10:04 AM Update]

[10:04 AM Update]

5 min

I think this makes the most sense at the moment.

[7:06 AM Update]

5 min

To go along with the 6:47 roadmap

[6:47 AM Update]
This is my road map for this bounce.
[6:43 AM Update]

5 min

Pre Market

Here's a follow up to the ES chart I posted in the chat room last night. So far it is up against TL resistance. Should the +ve divergence play out along with the previous fractal, I'd expect a breakout which would then be followed by a retrace that may test near the recent low.

Here's a cleaned up version of the LD I presented in the chat room last night after initially posting it in the EOD update.

Obviously with the ES bounce set to occur, cash should bounce out of it's wedge. I have set some tentative targets for what may form an inverted head and shoulders. This is highly speculative of course but something I'll be looking for.

Copper broke out of it's triangle last night. Is that gonna be it for it? If solely using EW, triangles are formed near the end of a move. We shall see.
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