Thursday, September 8, 2011

EOD Update [9:43 PM Update]

[9:43 PM Update]

ES looks to be setting up a wave c up. I hadn't moved that wave b label either. Looks like nice support so far at the lower red channel and the hourly MACD is about to cross up and thru the centerline as well.

We'll see what happens in a view hours.

Another way to come an impulse wave down.

[1:43 PM Update]

I almost forgot about this bearish nested 1-2 i-ii down potential. A retrace back above 1198.82 will invalidate this.

EOD Update

Here's an update on the corrective option I presented this morning along with the impulse count. I'm presenting it on the TOS platform since I don't have access to Strategy Desk.

Unless it wants to turn into a more complex double combo, I think wave (X) is complete.

Both options project towards 1222 and 1247. Let's see what happens.

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