Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EOD Update [10:28 PM Update]

EOD Update [10:28 PM Update]

SPX - 60 min
ES - 60 min
MACD may find support along that trendline and it may cross up by the US market open.

I'm still watching this.

SPX - 3 yr 2-Day
I was just playing with the Fibonacci retracement levels tonight and noticed several support and resistance levels marked by the ratios. Perhaps it is worth keeping an eye on this.

Will support be found at the MACD trendline?

EOD Update [4:38 PM Update]

RUT - 60 min

RUT sports the same blue and green options as the SPX. It's the race to see if a third higher high is made or a third lower low.

EOD Update [3:13 PM Update]

I hope ya'll didn't forget about the green count too. This is the next best alternate count next to blue and the blue alt. It basically is in-line with the blue count's alternate option.

Based on this count, wave d complete today right at the TL. Wave e began near the close and may target the 38-50% Fib retracement levels.

Wave Es in triangles tend to short so it could fall short of 1187. Wave Es may also turn into triangles themselves.

Anyway, should the blue count's primary option fail, this along with the blue alt option is the one to watch.

So I'm still liking the odds that more upside is in store due to the fact that I have 2 counts favoring such a move and 1 favoring something more bearish. But when all is said and done, we'll just have to roll with whatever the market hands us.

EOD Update [1:05 PM Update]

This is what I'll call the (A-B-C) option for the blue count below.

SPX - 30 m

Forgot to include the RUT.
RUT - 15m
EOD Update

Getting this out just a tad early. It looks like we saw the first five waves up for wave (c) or (Y) and a wave ii pullback into the close and just before FOMC tomorrow.

The 15 min chart below shows the alternate WXY scenario that may target 1180 level should more selling occur. This may start to become a more likely scenario as the 30 min macd confirmed a sell signal into the close.

I need to split for now and will take a look at other options later.

15 Min
Blue Count- Primary
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