Thursday, September 22, 2011

EOD Update [1:25 PM Update]

1:25 PM Update]

I forgot to mention previously that my green count is no longer valid.

Additionally I believe the VIX closed out of it's upper daily Bollinger Band, which is the first step in triggering an equity buy signal

Should the bounce that I'm expecting tomorrow materialize, I would expect the VIX to pull back into it's BB. A close back inside and below today's close would be step 2.

And should the blue count be the correct option that would result in a rally that would result in the VIX printing another lower close after step 2, which then triggers the buy signal.

As always we shall see ...

1:00 PM EOD Update

This is the new and improved Blue count I posted in the AM. I believe it just completed it's (X) wave.

I can't get to the red the red count at the moment but it should have completed wave iii.

BLUE Primary - 60 Min

10 Min
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