Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11/23/11 - AAPL Revisited

Remember this post? I was looking at an ending diagonal at the time and a potential 300 target. I think that was still the correct call but just a little early.

Should this be correct, the breakdown of the ED should target the wave (ii) low near 310. Should this test the lower channel (green), then 275 may be targeted.

The lower green channel target will change depending upon how long it takes to move down towards the lower channel since it is rising. 275 assumes if the drop were to occur immediately towards the lower end.

3 Push Pattern
I posted this in the chat room a while back highlighting the completion of the 3-push pattern and triple -ve divergence. 350 will be a key level to hold or 310-300 may be the likely target.
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