Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3/12 - EOD Update

I don't have access to Strategy Desk at the moment so I will use my TOS charts. Last week's primary count appears to still be on track. The Primary B count is now eliminated with today's rally.

Primary - 15 Min

If the bulls want to continue with this count, 1264.12 must be defended since this is the wave 1 high.

Primary - Daily

I have reposted my primary daily chart below with cleaned up wave degree labels. I hope to stay consistent with the lower time frames so that you can always reference back to this bigger picture when I post my 5-60 min charts.

The new alternate is the ED option I presented this AM.

ED Alternate - 15 Min
This alternate count works well with the new alternate ED option I will be keeping an eye on. The hourly MACD -ve divergence continues to build, which would favor this count.

One thing to note with the ED below, wave 3 can extend up to about 1312 if wave 3=1 and should not be greater.
Ending Diagonal Alternate 
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