Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12 - EOD Update

The bears are clearly in control.
Here's the top bear count. It's been tracking well. If wave iii of 5 has come to an end, looking for a wave iv bounce towards the 1293-1297 zone.

Uber Bear
This is the uber bear count and remains very valid. Note how it would pair with the Intermediate B Complete count below.

Intermediate B Complete

15 Min Alt
Should there be an expanded flat playing out for wave 4 for the 60 min bear above or 60 min bull below.

Bull Count
Though the bears are in full control, they have yet to put in five minute/minor waves down off the 4/2/12 high. So until that happens, we must be mindful of the bull option.

Ultra Bull
Should the 60 min bull count above play out, this ultra bull would be the only way to count this unless it was part of a larger double zigzag up.

Have a great weekend!
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