Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14/12 - Intraday Update [12:20 PM]

 [12:20 PM]

5 min
Some more downside potential per the counts. Still keeping an eye out for the ending diagonal if this does not flush out into the close. If the ED is playing out, it may drag on into early Monday next week.

 [10:31 AM]

5 min
Watch that green triangle on the chart. 

 [9:23 AM]

Working on five waves off the low and out of the wedge. the end of this leg from the 12/12 high may be over.

[8:42 AM]

5 Min
Lets start to adjust this wedge. Keep an eye on it.

[8:12 AM]

5 Min
How I'm speculating the ED "should" it play out. If not, we'll assume ii is gonna bounce here soon esp with the Fib chart below.

60 Fib

[7:53 AM]

Da bulls need to take back 1421 or da red option is threatening to make a move. I'm still keeping an eye out for an ED down here too.

[7:08 AM]
5 Min

Lets keep an eye on a possible ending diagonal here for wave (v) black if the market doesn't flush lower in option red and blue.
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