Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/13 - Update [2/18/13 Update]

[2/18/13 Update] 

60 Min 

Sorry. Got a little sloppy there. Failed to see the [v]-[i] overlap on the count below.

So either [iii] is still wrapping up or somehow {v} topped out (green alternate). We'll see.

2/17/13 - Update
60 Min 
Sorry folks things have been a little hectic on the home end here. Its been a week since my last update but I did mention that this wave appears to be extending, which it continues to do.

A retrace of the previous wave 4s would be a clue that the trend for this wave up may be coming to an end.  Until then we'll keep an eye on the extensions.

It may be futile to attempt to count the squiggles but here is my latest attempt.


Here's a long term count I've been tracking. For this version, wave (5) = (3) at 1539.57. Should the market exceed this level, this version of the count will be out the window.
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