Friday, February 22, 2013

2/22/13 - Intraday Update

12:50 PM Update

5 Min 
Looks like we may see a pop into the close and maybe remnants of this move on Monday.

Keep an eye on that potential ED too.

11:40 AM Update

5 Min 
Indeed a double zigzag. 1518 is something to watch. A few Fib clusters there.

8:35 AM Update

5 min 

Note the potential double zigzag option for [ii]. Watching the Fib targets above as well as the wave [i] low for clues. Wave (w) = (y) right near the 62% Fib retrace target.

7:04 AM 

5 Min 
There's the wave (c) of [ii]. It looks done.

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