Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/13 - AM Update

Sorry folks. Made a mistake. I adjusted the chart below. Bulls are not out of this yet for wave 4 purple of v black as it relates to the 60 min chart below.

1 Min 

Bears got their five wave move on the lower degrees. Now lets see if they can make a bigger five wave move down.

1 Min 

Using the 60 min chart below for perspective, the bulls need to defend the purple line if this is only a wave 4 purple of v black pull back. If it fails, there is a good chance v of 5 is complete.

1 Min 

The case for five waves down completed is in red.

1 Min 

Only a 1 min view but watch watch iv.

* The comment on the chart should read, "iv 'cannot' overlap here"
1 Min 

 Been out of pocket for a bit folks. Updates will still be minimal.

Some upper channels to watch near 1700.

60 Min 


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